Spectra Dew 300 Breastpump

Fx Price: RM399
Normal Price: RM 438
l. High Suction Power - higher than Spectra 3
- Shorter period for expressing breast milk
- Helps to draw out inverted nipples

2. Quiet Operation even at Maximum Power
- Quiet and pleasant pumping thus minimizing disturbance for mother and baby

3. Double Pumping (option) Recommended (Add RM60 for extra breastshield set)
- Reduce pumping time by 30% to 50%
- Increase milk production and accelerate milk ejection reflex

4. Automatic Suck-and-Release Rhythm
- Simulates on infant's suction rhythm for a more natural expression of breast milk

5. Adjustable Suction Power
- Maximize milk production while accommodating to your comfort suction power level

6. Wide Cap Adaptor
- For use with wide neck feeding bottle

7. Cool & Sweet Colour
- White body with Pink or Blue knob